Friday, June 29, 2012

WIN a FREE Music CD - Youth "Arise and Shine Forth"

Thanks to Your LDS Radio - we are able to give away
6 FREE Music CD's featuring songs from 12 LDS artists.

Geared towards youth - these messages will strengthen, bless and uplift those who are needing a hand of outreach.  (This is the official album for BYU's Summer Program - Especially for Youth).

Particularly beautiful is the title song - "Arise and Shine" by David Osmond.

(Drawing on July 4th, 2012)

You can find more information about the album and BYU's summer programs here:
BYU - EFY Youth Programs 
Positive Music and Downloads
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Chad said...

It is all too common for people to offer single mothers their help without really meaning it. Things like "you can call me if you need babysitting," or "I would love to help you, just ask!" will not be very helpful