Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7,000 Single Adults in the Valley

We have over 7,000 Single Adults in our valley (members of the same church congregation) but only a few that attend the activities. (How are you supposed to meet someone?)

Many of the older widowed members don't attend. They don't really consider themselves as 'singles'. But, that only takes about 2,000 away from the number. What about the other 5,000?

Each individual has a story and....a reason for not attending activities and I wonder what we can do to make a difference for them.

I just returned from a meeting where there were representatives from each congregation present. They are good people. Each has much to offer as well as challenges to overcome --- or that they already have overcome. I am amazed at their endurance and their willingness to serve others who are in similar circumstances or on the path that they have already tread.

But, it's sometimes discouraging for me to go to so much work to plan events and activities --- and few come. It's worth it for those few ---- but, somewhat challenging for me. So, I pray to know what to do ---- as I don't want to take too much time away from my own children. They are my first priority. I guess we press on and seek guidance higher than our own!


We Are Family said...

I am not sure where you live but were I live to be honest I would be the youngest person there by a good 10 to 15 yrs and since I work a full time job I don't have much time to spend with my boys so I just don't attend. Since I am a convert I really wish there were more single adults around with children because I do feel left out when it comes to church. At times maybe breaking activities up according to age group might help get more attendance. Ask the singles for suggestions. I live in a town and our stake doesn't have to many single either. Sorry I couldn't be much help. Good Luck in your quest. Annetta

Simplify Heart and Home said...

Thanks, Anetta.
What I've learned is that the activities in our area are geared to the 31-45 crowd. Some stakes offer activities for 55 and older. We're looking into that.
It's challenging to have activities for 31 and older as you get those who have never married, those who are divorced, those who are widowed, some with children still at home, those over 60 who want to serve missions etc. There are too many needs to meet with such a vast age range.
I've been asking the ward singles reps. for their ideas. Most have at least 20 single adults in their wards; many of whom don't want to have anything to do with the 'singles' group.
I'm sorry for what you're faced with. You're right that it can be very hard.
The other challenge is with the actual calling itself. It's unlike any other in the church. There is no 'board' to oversee the program and much is left to a single adult rep on a stake level without much support. There are very good people --- but, the challenges are real and oftimes there is no support on a ward level.
Bless you! Good luck to you too!

Regan said...

I think you mentioned the reason I don't go to the activities in your own blog...I feel so guilty about the time away from my kids. I feel really guilty because I have 3older children and a newly baptized one too. He has to be in daycare more hours than I like to think about so I just hate leaving him the few hours we have together.

I also feel badly for all those who sacrifice their time to prepare the activities only to have them barely attended.

I guess the only answer would be to pray about what to do with your family and then prepare your activities because the Lord has asked you to help him with this.

It sounds like you truly magnify all your callings.

Enjoy your Sabbath.


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