Saturday, June 13, 2009

Single Parenting -- Two bloggers who need our support

Today I read two new articles on the LDS Neighborhood Site. Click here to read from these two women bloggers who have found themselves newly in singlehood. The heartache and pain is real.
Those of us in this situation would do well to pray for them and provide them support. (We all need to do that for each other anyway!)

I've found that unless someone has been through this --- they truly don't understand and ....often don't really care. (They have their own set of problems to deal with.)

But, as Pres. Kimball said "There is no tragedy in death...only in sin".
Death may be difficult -- but, it IS part of the Lord's plan of happiness.
Divorce is not.
And, after an often excruciating divorce people don't bring you casseroles, take care of your kids, bring cards and flowers etc. It's usually very much the opposite; they avoid you. Perhaps they don't know what to say or they don't want to 'catch' something. But, yes, they judge. Very often they judge. What they don't realize is that oftimes it's not because of the unrighteousness of BOTH that divorce occurs. Sometimes it is. But, in many cases it is one party who opts out and who chooses an unrighteous path - leaving the other to pick up the pieces, care for the family, take the responsibilities, and lose much of their life as it had been established. It surely is a difficult road.


Larissa said...

The link didn't work for me. Can you post the actual site?

I agree with the whole death v. divorce comment. Very different when you go through a divorce. You are right on point, afraid of what to say, afraid to catch it and much judging. It's all very difficult and sad.

Simplify Heart and Home said...

Sure, it's

We Are Family said...

I couldn't get the link to work either. I do agree people judge and forget that you exist. Coming into the church being divorced with children has been very hard at times for me. I see you gave a new link to these two women. I want to give them support and prayer.

Michelle said...

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dimplesanddaisies said...
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