Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Does anyone speak "Cat?"

We've sort of adopted 2 stray cats to go with the one we already had. Apparently they found us because of our outside cat food.

Last month one gave birth to three adorable kittens. Though we had made her a nice, warm place in the corner -- she, apparently, wanted more privacy than that. She delivered under the kids' bed.

The second Mom gave birth 11 days later; following suit. She did it under MY bed! :)

Now they're nearly a month old. We've done all we know to do to care for them but the mother of the first batch walks around the house all day making noises like this: errrrrruh, errrrruh, eruuuh. Does anyone on here speak 'cat'? :)

Sometimes it means 'I'm hungry', or 'I'm thirsty', or 'I wanna go out'. And, sometimes she wants to be petted or put under the sink faucet to drink. But, today, I'm not sure what it means and ..... I'm wishing that I did.


Rick Carpenter said...

I have a crazy problem with stray cats, too. The difference is that we have about six of them. They like my yard because of the crawl space under my workshop. The problem is that these cats are truly strays. They are wild and will not let anyone near them. About a month ago I got close to one, close enough that he didn't think he could get away, and he hissed at me and prepared to fight. These cats run in a couple of different packs - like gangs, and they fight in my yard once in a while. It's frustrating because I wouldn't mind them being here if they were friendly. Instead, they just make a lot of noises with their fighting and crying. And they are 'stinking' up the yard in some places. I don't want to be mean to them but I don't want them around if they aren't going to be 'pets'. They just create extra work. Would you like some extra cats, Heidi? ;-)

Wanda said...

I know exactly what that cat is saying: It is, "Please, do you have more room in your heart and home for a few more cats? I have some homeless friends, but I need permission before i can invite them to join here in your lovely abode."

simplify heart and home said...

Thanks to you both. :)

And, thanks Rick, but it sounds like they like you much better than they'd like me. :)
Good luck with that. It's hard not to feel a bit sorry for them. The ferral ones are a challenge.

And....Wanda, you're pretty wonderful too! :) They are some pretty cute and loveable little fur balls. :)