Monday, March 9, 2009

Righteous Yearnings unfulfilled in mortality will one day be fulfilled!

These beautiful and hopeful remarks by President Boyd K. Packer have blessed my heart. I hope they'll bless yours too.

"It suits the purpose of the Almighty to let it be that some will not have a marriage or find it broken through death or mischief. Some have great difficult having any children, and some will not have children of their own -- that it, it will not happen in mortal life. But in the eternal scheme of things, it will happen as surely as the commandments are kept. Those yearnings unfulfilled in mortality will be filled to overflowing in the life beyond where there is eternal love and eternal increase".

"Those who are limited in this life have a greater joy beyond the veil to find that all will be added upon you in that existence".

"I refer to those of you who have not had the privilege of marriage or who have lost your husbands through the tragedy of divorce or perhaps through the inevitable call of death.
Some of you are struggling alone to raise little families, often on meager budgets and often with hours of lonliness. I know there is a great power of compensation.".....

Truth comforts more than anything else! How thankful I am that we have living oracles of God to guide, instruct, comfort and teach! Their words are manna to the soul!

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Jennifer said...

I followed your link from Mormon Mommy Blogs. Thanks for those words. It is a great comfort to have these great men speak words of truth. Thank you for sharing them.