Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new dearest friend..... and "Stand Up For Freedom"

So, Rick, is my new dearest friend as of today. :)
You can't blame me for that after reading his very, very kind words on my last entry.
I love him from afar --- since I've never met him. But, he's a true brother!
I'm glad that he's in law school --- working to defend true principles and stand strong for what is right. http://leftwingnuts.blogspot.com/

I've been giving much thought to our Constitution, a heavenly banner.
I recently listened to a talk tape from Pres. Benson -- given in 1960 entitled "Stand Up For Freedom". It was of the most powerful talks ever given -- and I was SO thankful for a Prophet of God who foresaw our day and who knows of the corruption in govt. as it's been revealed to him. (You have to hear it to believe it!)

We're in the winding-up days. Much will happen. Are we 'ready'. Have we followed the Prophet, filled our lamps, filled our cupboards, filled our hearts? It's something I'm continually working on and praying for. Oh, how I look forward to the day when the Savior returns. What a blessed day that will be.


Rick Carpenter said...

I'm surprised you found that old blog. I actually quit writing on it as the election approached and I began to get discouraged at the inevitable...

Rick Carpenter said...

Hi Heidi,
Thank you for your sweet comments. You are such a doll. I have revived my blog, along with others that I had been working on but didn't have time for. You are welcome to link to any of them that you like. I am a little apprehensive to link yours without your encouragement, because they are rather persoal. The feelings you express - how sweet and heart-melting they are - shouldn't be a source of embarrassment for you or expose you to unrighteous judgment. Let me know. :-)

Carla said...

You are funny. And that is a good thing.

Anne Bradshaw said...

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