Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things are better

My last blog was a 'pour out your heart' type of entry. It helped. I felt better afterwards -- and even somewhat 'lightened'. I guess that sometimes things are better if we are able to express them, feel any sort of validation, and realize that we're not alone.

Thanks for those of you who commented! I truly appreciated you and hope that things will get better for you too.

One thing is certain --- life presents changes. Some are more difficult than others. Some bring happiness and ease, others bring more trials and challenges.

A friend recently reminded me that all these things can be for our good. They teach us things that we might not be able to learn in other ways and can be for our own purification and enlarging of our soul.

One thing I have learned is that the Lord truly does help me -- sometimes over time --- and then to look back and be grateful for what I've learned, even from the most excruciating of times. But, I often need help along the way in learning. Sometimes it comes from prayer, sometimes from pondering scriptures and pleading for help, sometimes from hymns, articles, comments from others, friends. I am so thankful for those who share something with me that I need at the time. I especially am receptive when they are doing it humbly and not to try to 'teach me a lesson'. I'm grateful for any kindnesses out there and bet that you are too!

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Heidi, I've given you a blogging award. : )
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