Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puzzles and Building Things

I used to think that doing puzzles was a waste of time. Why put together something when you can just buy the framed photo?

But, I've learned since then. I had two friends, a few years back, who invited me over to 'puzzle' with them. We were all new in the area -- one from another state, one widowed, and me; a single Mom with three young children. We spent some hours together putting puzzles together; but more importantly, putting each other together. We built relationships, laughed, learned of each other, and built something beautiful together.

Since those years back we've developed a family tradition of doing puzzles -- especially at Christmas time. Our favorite ones are by Eric Dowdle. This year we're doing 'Festival of Trees'. It's beautiful. Then, we'll glue it and frame it as a family memory.

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Suko said...

We spent last New Year's Eve doing a puzzle instead of going out. It was great fun! And it is so satisfying to actually complete a puzzle with hundreds of pieces.