Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love Jeffery

Okay, so I got the nicest note I've probably ever received in my life (or for a long time) from a former principal of our school and dear and good man. He was kind, thoughtful and charitable.
He knows several good single-women and showed concern and tenderness for their situations.
He restores all of our faith in mankind.

Thank You, Jeffery. You are of the dearest brothers. I hope you will be blessed for your kindness as it truly was Christlike.

I've poured out my heart, probably too much, in these blogs --- but, it's been partly therapetic in my journey to becoming more pure in heart, forgiving, loving, and compassionate to others. I've found peace in forgiving others' and hope that the Lord hasn't given up on me yet.

Sometimes, as singles, we're given many opportunities to learn to forgive -- as people can say the darndest things. I've been hurt and have sometimes (too often) taken offense. I've prayed mightily to forgive as I don't like to not be at peace. And, it has come. Fasting helps too as does meditation and pondering on the truths of the gospel.
I am still on the quest to forgive and not take offense because it's me who suffers; not them. Often, they 'know not what they do'.

As (sometimes lonely) singles, we are blessed with an increased capacity for compassion since the hole (space) in our hearts has opened up a greater capacity for increased emotions of light and love. Now, that's a blessing to be grateful for. As are all the things we learn from the trials we experience. As my friend Jan would say "God is good, Heidi. God is good".

Thank You, Jeffery, for reminding me of what is good and true in this world.
You have blessed me and my children --- and your words were sweet manna to the soul.
Bless you and yours!

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