Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"You can buy anything in this world with money"

Okay, so I woke up really early. I was concerned about the national election and the ramifications that we are all going to experience.

I've been thinking of the phrase "you can buy anything in this world with money" and how that is true in politics today. Obama outspent McCain 4 to 1 in Florida and outspent him at least double and triple in the rest of the nation. He raised 3/4 of a billion dollars; most of it coming from the far left, from Hollywood, and from liberal democrats. He was the 'sweetheart' of the liberal media who gave him much more positive free airtime than they did for McCain. In fact, some of the reporting shows that Obama received 74% positive media to McCain's 14% from the mainstream (liberal) media.

It makes a person wonder if anyone could overcome that -- especially when many of the concerns that Christians had were not even reported. The negative and disconcerting things about Obama were overlooked and purposefully NOT reported by the mainstream media. Hence the lack of knowledge about Obama and his liberal connections and leftist voting record.

For those of us feeling the sense of loss --- our stability will be in keeping our roots deeply planted in correct principles despite the outward winds that blow. We can remind ourselves to put our trust in the only Foundation that is stable.

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