Monday, October 13, 2008

a 'new' -- used car

We found a new (used) car today. It was a huge blessing as we were determined to not go in to debt for a vehicle. From a car accident two weeks ago we received $ 2,214 over and above what we still owed on our previous car.

We've been praying and searching for something 'sufficient for our needs' and today, by a real miracle, we found something even nicer than we could have expected. They were asking the exact amount that we could (barely) afford -- $2,200 and when we went to pick it up --- we found out that we were related to the people selling the car. It was a blessing for them (they just sent out a missionary) as well as a great blessing for us. It is roomier than our last car (the kids were squished in the back) and has nicer features than we could have dreamed of.

This experience today helped us feel not so 'alone' and forsaken (I've been feeling that was as of late) and we all realized that we were being cared-for and blessed! Our greatest desire was to be obedient to our church leaders and get out of debt no matter the sacrifice.

We live on a very small income so this truly was a blessing from One who helps and we'll be grateful for His tender mercies for a long time to come!!!

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Sondra said...

Congradulations on a new/used car. It does sound like everything worked out great - a huge blessing. Every article on money I find, it always says to never have a car payment - buy used and what you can afford. That is where I am. I wouldn't make it if I had a car payment and really don't see the need to ever have one. I will always purchase a used car. The only draw back is that when I travel - I have to rent a car to feel safe enough and that I'll make it there. But, I don't travel much - once a year - maybe twice. And renting is much cheaper then a year full of car payments. I am really happy for you!