Friday, October 3, 2008

A love for animals...

My children have a special love for animals. When we moved to our current location they pleaded for kittens. I finally consented knowing how much they needed and longed for that kind of therapy. We've loved having the cats and they have brought us all a lot of joy and happiness. They've delighted us with their antics and adorable playfulness and they've taught the children responsibility and tenderness .

Today, we had to put one cat down. She has been in a lot of pain for several weeks and the Dr. gave her a pain shot hoping it would help. It didn't and we can't afford the surgery that she would require. My son is heartbroken, as we all are, and it's a tender time.

The blessing of having animals is a great one. It's hard when they are gone - though we know it's part of the life process. The only comfort we've all had today is knowing that she will be in heaven and out of pain. Our prayers ascend in her behalf and we also ask for comfort for ourselves.

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