Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Game of iMAgiNiff...

Yesterday I played a game with my two youngest after their several minutes of pleadings. It was called iMAgiNiff...

I just had to laugh when the card I drew said this:

"iMAgiNiff... Mom was asked to babysit a relative's 5 yr. old kid. What would she do?"

1. Take the kid to the zoo
2. Bake a tray of cookies
3. Eat junk food together and watch TV
4. Put the kid to work doing laundry and dishes
5. Teach the kid how to rebuild engines
6. Immediately hire a different babysitter

We all had to vote and I put down #2.
But, my two children voted #4.
I laughed right out loud -- because I'm sure that that's what they thought I'd do. :)

I guess I need to try to have more fun with my kids rather than working all the time. It was a cute answer -- and I figured they might choose that for me. I guess I'll have to try to be less-stressed and go a bit more easy on the chore list sometimes.

It's a fun game and here are a few other iMAgiNiff questions....
iMAgiNiff _________(name of player) were a city. Which would he/she be?
iMAgiNiff -------were a tool. Which would he/she be? (5 possibilities are given)
iMAgiNiff -------were a street sign.
iMAgiNiff -------were a high school class.

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