Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins is sort of like raising children

Carving pumpkins is sort of like raising children; sometimes they turn out cuter than expected and sometimes they don't. Sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you end up wanting to redo the whole thing. And, they always look better when there is light inside of them.

We do the best we can to nurture them when they are small seeds. But, inside that seed is something even more magnificient than we could have produced on our own. Sunlight, watering and good soil all help to produce a better product. Thank goodness that there is a better gardner (and sculpture) than us who is willing to give help and offer suggestions along the way.

My pumpkin didn't turn out very well this year --- but as I was pulling out internal parts and many more seeds -- I was again amazed how they all came from one single seed. It was a reminder to me that great things are planted inside each of us and each of our children. If we can help them maintain (or get) the light inside of them all will somehow turn out well!

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Suko said...

Heidi, your post made me smile, especially the part about
the light inside. :)