Saturday, October 25, 2008

Broken things like toilet handles and hearts...

The Lord fixes broken things like hearts and homes and lives.

But, our toilet handle broke this week and it's something we have to fix ourselves. The kids think it's gross to reach into the tank to manually flush - so, I get that honor most of the time.

When you're a single parent you get to fix a lot of broken things yourself as you usually can't afford to hire it done and the men around are busy with their own things and their own families.
You do become more knowledgable and skilled and worth even more than your weight in gold! :)But, the frustration of broken things is often extra challenging for an already-overworked and overstressed single-parent.

Amongst other things our washing machine has been semi-broken for nearly a year now -- and we have to manually help it everytime we wash something. The lawnmower broke this week and is now in the repair shop as we'll have to mow another time or two before the snow falls.

But, perhaps these things are all good. They remind us of the temporary nature of earthly matter and the eternal value of things that mean more. They remind us to be grateful for things when they do work, to care for our belongings with more appreciation and to become skilled in things that we otherwise would not.

They also remind me of the time I spent 18 months in Mexico and manually washed clothes on a scrubbing board, washed dishes in a bowl and with no running water, showered with cold water from a little pipe coming out of the wall, used outhouses, visited homes with dirt floors and chickens afoot, and met a family of 7 who shared one old bed and rotated those sleeping at night and sleeping during the day in their one room abode.

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Annetta said...

Hello, my name is Annetta, a single mom of 4 and a convert to the church for almost 3 yrs. now. I just wanted to tell you that I love your attitude and think you are doing a great job even though I don't know you. Being a single mom for the past 8 years my self I know all the struggles and the fullfillment of happiness it all brings on a daily basis. Hang it there and Keep up the good work. I found your blog on the Mormon Mommy Blog.