Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy Scouting -- as a single Mom

Boy Scouting -- for a single mom -- is challenging. I can't do all the things that a man does and I am not able to meet all the requirements that are needed for a growing boy to learn how to be a man. But, I am extremely concerned about it and always very thoughtful of it. My prayers continually ascend in behalf of my children and my abilities to teach and train them, and the lackings that come from trying to do most of it alone. Most people really have no idea of what a single parent faces day after day, month after month.

Over the years we've had a few scout leaders who were kind and helpful and considerate of our situation. For that blessing I am forever grateful. But, oft, we've felt neglected and left to do most of it alone.

The work for scouting often falls to the mother -- single or married. This isn't always the case; and for those people -- you are truly, truly blessed! For the rest of us -- we do what we can and hope (and pray) that someday down the road -- our sons will turn out well.

Though my divorce was not because of my unrighteousness -- I am often wrongfully judged by those around me. Perhaps they are well-meaning, but I can often feel when they are cold-hearted or judgmental towards me. I wonder if they don't feel to help my son with scouting (or other things) because they think that we 'deserve' what we got, or ... if perhaps they think it is a disease that they will catch if they reach out to help?

Whatever the reason ---- in scouting and in life --- I am always deeply grateful for any kindness that is shown to my son. He needs that (more than I can express) and more than I can personally do. Presently -- he is falling between the cracks a bit as he feels that 'everyone else has a Dad' and it makes him feel 'different' than -- and a little uncomfortable with -- them. Sometimes it's painful for him to be around them when he sees what they have and what he doesn't. His tears attest to that!

I know and believe that 'all these things will give thee experience and be for thy good...." But, when you're the mom helping your son with friends, academics, puberty, finances, exercise, music, sports, clothing, chores, responsibility, family relationships, spirituality, church, and.....scouting mostly on your own --- and on a very low budget, it can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible at times.

Thanks to those who reach out and touch one soul at a time. I believe that your acts do not go unnoticed and may actually help save lives in the end. And...thanks to any who have reached out to us over the years. Our prayers of gratitude have ascended in your behalf. Thank you with all our hearts!!!

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