Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Hats We Wear

On my other blog I shared my feelings today about The Masks We Wear. Perhaps we've been hurt and put up walls to 'protect' ourselves. On here, I'd like to acknowledge the HATS that we wear as mothers. Whether we've been hurt or not we try to keep up with all the 'demands' that each HAT brings as women and mothers.

Please add to this list as you think of them.
Here are the ones off the top of my head:
Mother, nurturer, teacher, tutor, spiritual leader, maid, cook, chef, baker, cake-decorator, nurse, scout, personal-trainer, example, organizer, party-planner, singer, mentor, guide, cleaner-upper, librarian, banker, accountant, computer expert, question-answerer, chauffer, appointment-maker, hugger, hair-cutter and stylist, motivational speaker, nature specialist, vetinarian, fly swatter, clothing guru, nose-wiper, listener, therapist, home-work helper (including science projects, state reports, voluteer positions, fund-raisers etc.), chore-chart maker and enforcer, shopper, dietician, puzzle-putter-together, cheerleader, ball-thrower and catcher, lawn-mower, gardener, weeder, snow-shoveler, referee, neighbor, friend, peacemaker, and ..... bedtime storyteller.

These are just a few of the things that came to mind. I'm sure that we could add many more. Don't ever say "I'm JUST a mother". You're pretty darn impressive on a resume already!

Our payoff is in the joy that comes from doing the best we can, fulfilling a God-given responsibility to raise good children and teach them right from wrong, and in becoming better women in the process.

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