Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Huge Spiders

When you're the Mom you have to pretend that huge and whopping spiders don't scare you. You can't scream (outloud) or the kids will freak-out even more. :)

We've had a lot of spiders this month; large wolf spiders. They must be looking to come in where it is cool. I keep telling them that they are not welcome here but, so far, most of them have not heeded my commands.

Thank goodness for the exterminator. He'll be here on Friday. I feel badly because I don't like to kill small creatures, but, in this case, I feel that it's self-protection and self-preservation of sorts. (I hope I will be forgiven for that!)

The kids won't sleep downstairs anymore and we all check around the floors and in the bathtubs before we dare enter. So, this is a needful thing to do and I hope it will be okay. We need to have a safe place to live and these spiders have caused some upheavals in that.

But, when you're the Mom, you just have to act brave and do what needs to be done. When there is a spouse around you can have him do it. I guess that is why men have to act even braver than women; even if they don't like spiders either. :)



you are right! :) you would be protecting your family, for sure!!!

{{you have such a cute blog}}

Suko said...

Your post reminds me of an autumn day several years ago. The kids and I had spotted a HUGE tarantula walking across our yard at dusk. I started to scream, but realized I'd better not because the kids would "freak out". We were all very glad when that scary-looking creature crawled under the fence to the neighbor's yard next door (tee hee)!