Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School

Do you suppose that we have any of the same feelings that the Lord did when allowing us to go off to earth-school?

Some parents are glad to 'get rid' of their kids for a time. Others cry to see them go. Some are hopeful that they'll make friends and have good teachers. Others seem to not care much about their progress nor their well-being.

Some children are more prepared than others; physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. Some children are not ready for the things they will face as they have had personal or family challenges that have caused delays in their development. This is not always because of the 'unrighteousness' of the parents or the children. Many times those parents with children that struggle care very much but haven't found the correct solutions to their challenges just yet.

Most parents, that I know, seem to care. Some care more than others. Some are involved and some are not. Some purchase name-brand fashionable clothing and some cannot afford anything new. Some purchase school lunches and extra-curricular activities without a second thought and others are availed government funding for meals and after-school programs.

There is a large contrast in parenting and family upbringing even within our own neighborhoods. I wonder if there is also pride involved in some of the things that we do and are involved in. I've stepped back to check myself more than one time.

Do we think our children are 'better' or 'worse' because of affluence or lack thereof? Do people think that we care more --- or less -- because of financial or educational standings? Do teachers treat children differently because of what they are wearing, what they smell like, their good looks, or outgoing personality?

I've pondered on these things over the years and the first day of school tends to remind me of these issues once again. It's something to think about.

When we're on top -- we tend to think that everyone else is or should be. Thank goodness we're not all on the bottom at the same time. But, each serves a purpose. Hopefully we can all help others when we're on top and they're not. And, when we're down, we hope that others will reach out to lift us up.

I hope that my kids will do that for others - especially those in school who don't quite 'fit-in'. And, I hope that I will be more aware of that for others' too.

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