Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Cat Came Back . . .

Louie is back. It's almost unbelievable as he's been gone for about a week. My daughter had resigned herself to never seeing him again and had tried to work through some of those difficult emotions. So, imagine my suprise when the kids excitedly called to me this afternoon "Mom, come quick, Louie is back! Rocky Taylor (animal control) is here."

I went outside to discover Louie's return for myself. Sure enough, there he was, a bit skinnier than before, but looking no worse for the wear.

Thanks to Rocky, Amber has her dear friend back! He (the cat) was across the field at the hospital trying to get in to the emergency room. Apparently, they had to call Rocky (on the Sabbath - for which I am truly sorry) and get him to come all the way across town (he lives at least 20 min. away) to return our cat to us. For, Rocky, we are truly thankful. He is a remarkable and amazing person!

He is kind to the animals and knows many of them by name. He 'wrestled' with a pig this week who was annoying some horses, and is trying to catch some wild peacock's that roam a neighborhood screaming 'help' (or so it seems) at 5:00 a.m. Along with all of his many daily responsibilities he feeds a group of feral cats that live behind one of the local car dealerships. He truly goes out of his way to care for those under his jurisdiction and I think that they should honor them in this city. I actually called the city last year suggesting that they honor a city employee each month in the newsletter and nominated him as the first -- but they must have decided against my idea. They did acknowledge him in the newletter -- but, it wasn't good enough for all that he does. So, I'll honor him here and thank him publicly for ALL that he does for all of us!

I think that someone ought to do a book or documentary about him! Or, call 'Animal Planet' and have them follow him around for a few days! It would be interesting and exciting!
He's truly remarkable and an enjoyable delight to be around!
Thanks for everything, Rocky! We appreciate you!!!

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