Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boots and Louie

Aunt Eva's cat "Boots" and my daughter's cat King "Louie" are missing. Boots has been gone for 10 days and Aunt Eva fears that he may have died somewhere from old age. He's been her dear cat for over 11 years and one that always came home at night to snuggle with her other cat; Tippy.

Our cat, Louie, has disappeared before. The first time we paid 20.00 to get him back. The second time we paid 30.00 (donation and fees for shelter food and care.) He keeps getting out of his collars. We've spent over 50.00 for several collars and hanging tags with our name and address tightly affixed. But, Louie somehow manages to escape from these identifying markers and we reluctantly have to call Rocky (our truly wonderful animal control man) to notify him of the news.

These cats are well-loved and have been therapeutic blessings to my children (even though I was contrary at first). We're still searching and hoping. Microchipping will be available for them starting in September. Hopefully we'll be availed that opportunity!

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