Monday, August 18, 2008

Andrew Wants Birds

Whether you want birds or not, when your 12-yr. old son approaches you with a well-thought-out list of the benefits of him having birds and all that he is willing to do to attain and care for them, it's hard to resist. We even consulted with Grandpa who sided with Andrew. He did so because he sees the passion of Andrew wanting to learn how to train them and work towards a scouting merit badge. Andrew promises to pay for them himself, clean the cage daily, feed and care for them, and handle them gently. He's spent hrs. at the library and on-line researching about birds (specifically parakeets), spent days reading and studying bird books, and followed me around frequently sharing his new passion and excitement about and for birds.

So, if we can find a corner for them somewhere in the house, Andrew is going to get birds. He's awaited this day for a long time and ..... I'm trying to be as excited for him as he is about them. As a mother I know well enough that the excitement will wear off, but, I'm willing (though somewhat reluctantly this time) to let him have this experience as he'll learn life-lessons for himself that I cannot teach him.

Wish us luck!!! :)

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