Monday, July 21, 2008

Single Parenting

Single parenting is hard. It is very hard. If parenting itself is challenging with two -- imagine what it may be like when one soul is wholly responsible for the raising of children as well as: daily meals, shopping, laundry, house-cleaning and organization, auto maintenance and repair, insurance, medical visits, finances, meal planning and preparation, taxes, vacations (or lack thereof), lawn mowing, snow shovelling, sports with boys, fishing, bike maintenance and repair, home repair, scouting, father-and-sons outings, camping, oil change and gasoline, painting, caulking, plumbing, computer problems and maintenance, teaching and training children in daily tasks and emotional issues, dealing with childrens' growth and bodily changes, education, homework, projects, music, activities, family prayer, Family Home Evening, family scripture study, church etc.

I'm grateful for any kindness shown along the way as that helps with the load. Many are probably oblivious as to our plight as they have never experienced it. Some are judgemental as they have no idea why a person would be single. Some are kind and compassionate and helpful. For the latter I am extremely grateful and hope to be that kind of person myself.

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