Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day in the Life....

After I realized how long my to-do list was yesterday, I dropped to my knees with the firm realization that there was no way I could do it all -- so I asked the Lord to help guide me as to what was truly needful.

After a few basics, dishes, laundry, meals, watering the garden, oldest daughter mowing the lawn and feeding the cats, I dropped the youngest two off at tumbling for the last time this summer. I came home, checked my e-mail, blogged, did another batch of laundry (as laundry son was not home) and then went back to get kids. Brought them home just in time for piano lessons. Took daughter to piano, son rode his scooter to play basketball at the church with the scouts.

Oldest daughter (with broken arm) and I ran to the store for some items needed for refreshments for Book Group. Picked up son from church, took him to piano, retreived daughter from piano, came home. Ran to post office for Mother who had to get a letter off and needed more stamps.

Helped youngest make a little-people house out of a cardboard box, with 3 stories, carpet, cardboard furniture etc. before the friends came. It was needful for her as she wanted my time and attention. (Wasn't on the schedule -- but was an important thing for daughter and.... was fun.)

Fixed and ate lunch, cleaned up, finished other chores, had oldest make the zucchini bread for Book Group refreshments. Sorted through more items for Dorothy's fund-raising yard sale, called friend for recipe, called Dr. for daughter's broken-arm visit, cleaned bathroom, swept and mopped hardwood floors, did more dishes, and sorted through mail pile.

In the evening I attended Book Group (to support Mom- and to serve refreshments), talked to Scout leader, sister-in-law, and children.

Doesn't always seem like much but....some things are just needful.

In the middle of all this we're trying to get the house fixed up before I start teaching school in the fall. I have tried to keep things 'simple' and not overschedule. But, somedays are just busier than others; especially for single-parents who don't have much support but their own. My kids help out quite a bit -- nevertheless, there is still much that I have to do.

But, as I dropped back on to my knees at night, I knew that the Lord had guided me to do what was necessary and to let the other things go. The needful things were done and I recognized His helping hand in it all. I wasn't truly alone as He really had helped and guided me!

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